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Eerste Europese Focusing Congres 10-14 mei 2018 in Griekenland

Alle focussers, focustrainers, experiëntiële psychotherapeuten, mensen die focusing integreren in hun werk en leven worden uitgenodigd op ons congres. 

De inschrijvingen zijn geopend.

Als je vragen hebt over het congres of over hoe je inschrijven en je wilt die graag in het Nederlands stellen, dan mag je steeds contact opnemen met Tine Swyngedouw via het contactformulier op haar website

Dit is de uitnodiging van het ganse Europese team:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The European Focusing Association (EFA) is pleased to announce the First European Focusing Conference, which will be held in the beautiful seaside resort of Loutraki in Greece from Thursday 10th May to Monday 14th May 2018.

This is the first conference to be organised by the European Focusing Association ( and we hope you will support us in making it a success.

The conference is entitled ‘Facets of Focusing’ and, to give some idea of its aims, here is an extract from the introduction to the Second Announcement:

This, our first European conference, will provide an opportunity to gather to celebrate the life and work of Eugene Gendlin and to experience some of the many ‘Facets of Focusing’.

We invite you, whatever your Focusing background – relative beginner, Focusing teacher, therapist – to join with us to share knowledge and focus together in the beautiful seaside resort of Loutraki.

Our aim is to be inclusive of all ‘facets’. You might be inspired by how Focusing can filter into different aspects of life. You might be new to Focusing and want to learn more about how it can be taught and practised at a basic level. You might want to explore how Focusing can become a force for change in such areas as politics, art or social work. You might want to reflect on how it can be integrated into the practice of different therapies or into other professional trainings, such as Coaching. You might wish to share your fascination with the philosophical foundations of Focusingor its origins in the Person-Centred Approach. Whatever your level of interest, we hope that we can together create an enjoyable, enriching and inspiring learning environment.

For more detail of the conference, including costs and links for registration, see

The costs of the conference have been kept very low to make it as affordable as possible and to attract a wide range of participants.  Please feel free to circulate this email.  An ‘Early Bird’ rate applies to all bookings up until the end of January.

Warm greetings from the EFA steering group and the conference organising team,

Meg Galanti (Italy)

Caterina Carta (Italy)

Bruna Blandino (Italy)

Hejo Feuerstein (Germany)

Patricia Foster (Greece/ UK)

Cornelius Gehrig (Germany)

Anna Karali (Greece)

Nikos Kypriotakis (Greece)

Judy Moore (UK)

Fiona Parr (UK)

Dimitris Porokalis (Greece)

Edit Selmeczi (Hungary)

Tine Swyngedouw (Belgium)

Lucy Van Praag (Italy/ UK)

Pavlos Zarogiannis (Greece)

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